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Our MUDs in Greatwood were struggling with what to do with an old, unmaintained web site that was becoming a burden and unwanted expense. Off Cinco was able to provide us with a revamped web site that is quite appealing and has become an extremely useful tool for our MUDs, LID and HOA. As the Chair of the web site committee for our districts and President of Ft. Bend MUD 109, I submitted our web site in a contest at the annual Association of Water Board Directors Summer Conference where it took second place in the state.
Jim Kidda, President, Fort Bend MUD 109, Greatwood Districts

Off Cinco took over managing our website in 2009, which was originally developed by another company. Since switching to Off Cinco our website has become much more functional, and we can now better communicate with our constituents.

Working with Off Cinco has been wonderful, and their prices are the best we could find. They are very responsible and have always been able to complete all updates to our site in a very timely manner.

Phillip Smith Jr., Director, Harris County Municipal Utility District 71

When Greatwood wanted to improve its’ outdated website, our Board President was introduced to Off Cinco through our MUD who had recently hired them to produce the MUD/LID website. After interviewing Off Cinco, and telling them our requirements for a new and updated website, we were convinced that they would be a good fit with our Board.

Off Cinco has worked, very patiently, with me to bring our web site into the 21st century.

Judy Holy, Secretary, My Greatwood

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


Identifying the reasons for the site’s existence and what the site is supposed to achieve is the first step in the process.


Wireframes are created to provide a detailed view of the content that will appear on each page of the site, without any design/graphic elements.


Once the wireframes for the site have been defined, the next step is to create a visual design of the site including images, color, fonts and styling.


Now that the design is approved, it’s time to build out the actual code of the site with HTML and CSS.


The site’s big day has arrived. It’s been tested and reviewed and you’re ready to launch and share it with the world!

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